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Kabisch, N., Qureshi, S., & Haase, D. (2015). Human-environment interactions in urban green spaces - A systematic review of contemporary issues and prospects for future research. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 50, 25-34.

Rall, E. L., Kabisch, N., & Hansen, R. (2015). A comparative exploration of uptake and potential application of ecosystem services in urban planning. Ecosystem Services, 16, 230-242.


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Kabisch, N., & Haase, D. (2014). Green justice or just green? Provision of urban green spaces in Berlin, Germany. Landscape and urban planning, 122, 129-139.

Larondelle, N., Haase, D., & Kabisch, N. (2014). Mapping the diversity of regulating ecosystem services in European cities. Global environmental change, 26(1), 119-129.

Voigt, A., Kabisch, N., Wurster, D., Haase, D., & Breuste, J. (2014). Structural diversity: A multi-Dimensional approach to assess recreational services in urban parks. AMBIO, 43(4), 480-491.


Haase, D., Kabisch, N., & Haase, A. (2013). Endless Urban Growth? On the Mismatch of Population, Household and Urban Land Area Growth and Its Effects on the Urban Debate. PLOS ONE, 8(6), [e66531].

Kabisch, N., & Haase, D. (2013). Green spaces of European cities revisited for 1990-2006. Landscape and urban planning, 110(1), 113-122.


Haase, D., Haase, A., Kabisch, N., Kabisch, S., & Rink, D. (2012). Actors and factors in land-use simulation: The challenge of urban shrinkage. Environmental Modelling and Software, 35, 92-103.

Kabisch, N., Haase, D., & Haase, A. (2012). Urban population development in europe, 1991-2008: The examples of poland and the uk. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 36(6), 1326-1348.

Zeige Ergebnisse 51 - 60 von 65
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