List of Publications Prof. Dr. Benjamin Burkhard

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Nunneri, C., Lenhart, H. J., Burkhard, B., Colijn, F., Müller, F., & Windhorst, W. (2008). The use of 'ecological risk' for assessing effects of human activities: An example including eutrophication and offshore wind farm construction in the north sea. Landscape Online, 5(1), 1-20.


Müller, F., & Burkhard, B. (2007). An ecosystem based framework to link landscape structures, functions and services. In Multifunctional Land Use: Meeting Future Demands for Landscape Goods and Services (pp. 37-63). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


Burkhard, B. (2004). Ecological Assessment of the Reindeer Husbandry System in Northern Finland. [Doctoral thesis, Kiel University]. Verein zur Förderung der Ökosystemforschung zu Kiel.