List of Publications Prof. Dr. Benjamin Burkhard

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Bicking, S., Burkhard, B., Kruse, M., & Müller, F. (2018). Mapping of nutrient regulating ecosystem service supply and demand on different scales in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. One Ecosystem, 3, [e22509].

Burkhard, B. (2018). 96 Jahre Verein Jordsand an der Schleimündung. Seevögel : Zeitschrift des Vereins Jordsand zum Schutz der Seevögel und der Natur e.V, 39(3), 11-14.

Burkhard, B., Santos-Martin, F., Nedkov, S., & Maes, J. (2018). An operational framework for integrated mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services (MAES). One Ecosystem, 3, [e22831].

Burkhard, B., Maes, J., Potschin-Young, M. B., Santos-Martín, F., Geneletti, D., Stoev, P., Kopperoinen, L., Adamescu, C. M., Adem Esmail, B., Arany, I., Arnell, A., Balzan, M., Barton, D. N., Van Beukering, P., Bicking, S., Borges, P. A. V., Borisova, B., Braat, L., Brander, L. M., ... Zulian, G. (2018). Mapping and assessing ecosystem services in the EU - Lessons learned from the ESMERALDA approach of integration. One Ecosystem, 3, [e29153].

Dang, K. B., Burkhard, B., Müller, F., & Dang, V. B. (2018). Modelling and mapping natural hazard regulating ecosystem services in Sapa, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Paddy and Water Environment, 16(4), 767-781.

Haase, P., Tonkin, J. D., Stoll, S., Burkhard, B., Frenzel, M., Geijzendorffer, I. R., Häuser, C., Klotz, S., Kühn, I., McDowell, W. H., Mirtl, M., Müller, F., Musche, M., Penner, J., Zacharias, S., & Schmeller, D. S. (2018). The next generation of site-based long-term ecological monitoring: Linking essential biodiversity variables and ecosystem integrity. Science of the Total Environment, 613-614, 1376-1384.

Hermes, J., Van Berkel, D., Burkhard, B., Plieninger, T., Fagerholm, N., von Haaren, C., & Albert, C. (2018). Assessment and valuation of recreational ecosystem services of landscapes. Ecosystem Services, 31, 289-295.

Maes, J., Burkhard, B., & Geneletti, D. (2018). Ecosystem services are inclusive and deliver multiple values. A comment on the concept of nature’s contributions to people. One Ecosystem, 3, [e24720].

Maren Sieber, I., Av Borges, P., & Burkhard, B. (2018). Hotspots of biodiversity and ecosystem services: the Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union. One Ecosystem, 3, [e24719].


Palomo, I., Willemen, L., Drakou, E., Burkhard, B., Crossman, N., Bellamy, C., Burkhard, K., Sylvie Campagne, C., Dangol, A., Franke, J., Kulczyk, S., Le Clec’h, S., Abdul Malak, D., Muñoz, L., Narusevicius, V., Ottoy, S., Roelens, J., Sing, L., Thomas, A., ... Verweij, P. (2018). Practical solutions for bottlenecks in ecosystem services mapping. One Ecosystem, 3, [e20713].

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