Successful disputations at the Institute

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Photo: Malte Hinsch

The PhyGeo doctoral students Thea Wübbelmann and Claudia Dworczyk successfully defended their dissertations at the Institute on 15.03. and 16.03.2023.

Thea Wübbelmann's dissertation on "Dynamics of Flood-Regulating Ecosystem Services in Urban Areas - Modelling Heavy Rainfall, Climate Change Impacts and Benefits of Nature-based Solutions" was written in cooperation with the GERICS Climate Service Center of the Helmholtz Centre Hereon. Claudia Dworczyk's dissertation "Conceptual and methodological challenges of ecosystem services mapping in urban regions" was written as part of the BMBF-funded joint project ÖSKKIP - Integration von Ökosystemleistungen in die Stadt- und Regionalplanung.



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