New research project on marine ecosystem services

The project "EBeMÖS - Assessment of Marine Ecosystems and their Services of the German North and Baltic Sea", funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) for 2.5 years, has as its overarching goal the assessement of the ecosystem services (ES) of the German seas in the 12 nautical miles zones and in the exclusive economic zones of the German North and Baltic Seas, including monetary valuation.

This can support political decisions in this area in a variety of ways. Previous research has quantified the benefits of achieving good environmental status as required in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSRL). However, this work does not allow the different economic values ​​of individual ES to be spatially differentiated. EBeMÖS will thus take a decisive step in this direction and not only contribute to the implementation of the MSFD, but also support Actions 5 and 14 of the second target of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. In addition, the results of this project will serve to support cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyse of individual measures.

Project partners are:

·         adelphi Berlin

·         InterSus Beratungsinstitut Berlin

·         BioConsult Schuchardt & Scholle GbR Bremen

·         Leibniz Universität Hannover

·         imug Beratungsgesellschaft Hannover

Published by Benjamin Burkhard