The state of Lower Saxony is cutting 17.5 million euros from its higher education budget this year. Next year, the figure is set to rise even further - to 24.3 million euros. These reductions do not even take into account possible cuts that will be imposed on everyone in Lower Saxony as a result of the Corona crisis.

This means that the substance will be decisively affected - and will lead to job cuts at all levels, especially at the level of professorships, but also in administration; at LUH alone, there is talk of about 100 jobs.

These reductions lead to severe cutbacks: fewer positions

-          means fewer study places and thus fewer students in Lower Saxony,

-          means fewer jobs in Lower Saxony,

-          means less research in Lower Saxony,

-          means less innovation in Lower Saxony.

Can we afford that?

We say: No - enough is enough, no cuts in education!

LHK, WKN and non-university research institutions warn urgently against cuts in higher education - here is the statement (in German).