Winterschool 2019

Together with Yamagata University in Tsuruoka (YU), our institute organised a two-week winter excursion to the northern region of the Japanese main island Honshu again this year.

From Feb. 23th to March 11th, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and German students participated in a joint Winter School in Japan. During the two-week excursion, the students and their supervisors visited the research forest of the YU ( and the regions of Tsuruoka, Sendai and Tokyo. The content of the Winter School included digging, sampling and analysis of snow profiles in the research forest, visits and participation in expert discussions on the subject of conventional and renewable energy supply and the recycling of materials, trips to coastal protection forests and to the areas affected by the tsunami of 2011 and the reconstruction there.

Another International Winter School under the direction of Yamagata University in Tsuruoka will take place in the beginning of 2020.

Published by Philipp Herbst