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Wübbelmann, T., Förster, K., Bouwer, L. M., Dworczyk, C., Bender, S., & Burkhard, B. (2023). Urban flood regulating ecosystem services under climate change: how can Nature-based Solutions contribute? Frontiers in Water, 5, [1081850].


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Comte, A., Sylvie Campagne, C. S., Lange, S., Bruzón, A. G., Hein, L., Santos-Martín, F., & Levrel, H. (2022). Ecosystem accounting: Past scientific developments and future challenges. Ecosystem Services, 58, [101486].
Dang, K. B., Nguyen, T. H. T., Nguyen, H. D., Truong, Q. H., Vu, T. P., Pham, H. N., Duong, T. T., Giang, V. T., Nguyen, D. M., Bui, T. H., & Burkhard, B. (2022). U-shaped deep-learning models for island ecosystem type classification, a case study in Con Dao Island of Vietnam. One Ecosystem, 7, [e79160].
Dimitrov-Discher, A., Wenzel, J., Kabisch, N., Hemmerling, J., Bunz, M., Schöndorf, J., Walter, H., Veer, I. M., & Adli, M. (2022). Residential green space and air pollution are associated with brain activation in a social-stress paradigm. Scientific reports, 12(1), [10614].
Dworczyk, C., & Burkhard, B. (2022). Challenges Entailed in Applying Ecosystem Services Supply and Demand Mapping Approaches: A Practice Report. Land, 12(1), [52].
Harmening, C., Ott, S., Butzer, R., Steinhoff-Knopp, B., & Paffenholz, J-A. (2022). Punktwolkenbasierte Bestimmung von starkregeninduzierten Bodenabträgen. In Terrestrisches Laserscanning 2022 (TLS 2022): Beiträge zum 214. DVW-Seminar am 8. und 9. Dezember 2022 in Fulda (Vol. 104, pp. 93 - 104). (DVW-Schriftenreihe; Vol. 104). DVW e. V. – Gesellschaft für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement.
Jungkunst, H. F., Göpel, J., Horvath, T., Ott, S., & Brunn, M. (2022). Global soil organic carbon–climate interactions: Why scales matter. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 13(4), [e780].
Kraemer, R., Remmler, P., Bumberger, J., & Kabisch, N. (2022). Running a dense air temperature measurement field campaign at the urban neighbourhood level: Protocol and lessons learned. MethodsX, 9, [101719].
Lange, S., Campagne, C. S., Comte, A., Bank, E., Santos-Martín, F., Maes, J., & Burkhard, B. (2022). Progress on ecosystem accounting in Europe. Ecosystem Services, 57, [101473].

Showing entries 21 - 30 out of 374
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