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Gefährdungskarte Bodenerosion im Kanton Basel-Landschaft

Research Focus on Landscape Structures and Processes

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Mapping potential soil erosion in the Canton Basel-Landschaft (Switzerland)

Leaders:  Thomas Mosimann
Team:  Jan Bug
Year:  2009
Sponsors:  Canton Basel-Landschaft
Lifespan:  2009 - 2010
Is Finished:  yes

Short description

A digital map of the erosion risk (potential soil erosion) of crop rotation areas in the canton Basel-Landschaft was generated. This map is used to advise farmers, shows the different levels of erosion and also identifies areas where fine soil could reach water bodies.

The maps can be viewed at the map server of the canton Basel-Landschaft (> Themenbereich Boden > Bodenerosion).