Dr. rer. nat. Sylvie Campagne

Dr. rer. nat. Sylvie Campagne
Schneiderberg 50
30167 Hannover
Dr. rer. nat. Sylvie Campagne
Schneiderberg 50
30167 Hannover
Research Staff
Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology


  • Ecosystem services and disservices (assessment, mapping)
  • Transdisciplinary approach of the socio-ecological system


Scientific responsibilities

  • Co – guest editor Special Issue in Sustainability in 2019
  • Part of the MAIA project : Mapping and Assessment for Integrated Ecosystem  Accounting
  • Part of the IMAGINE Project BIODIVERSA: Integrative Management of Green Infrastructures Multifunctionality, Ecosystem integrity and Ecosystem Services: From assessment to regulation in socio-ecological systems)


  • Professional background
    • since march 2019 PostDoc Researcher at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology
    • 2015/18 PhD Student (3 years) – IRSTEA National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture – France
    • 2015 Research engineer (6 months) in IMBE Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology – France
    • 2014 Internship (6 months) in IMBE – France
    • 2013 Internship (5 months) in Andromède Océanologie – France
    • 2011/12     Extra-curricular research experiences during third year of BSc (CEFE “Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology”; ISEM “Evolution Science Institute in Montpellier”, CBGP “Center for Biology and Management of Populations”; Montpellier, Franc)
  • Education
    • 2015/18 PhD in Environmental Science achieved in November 2018 (Aix-Marseille University, France)
    • 2016/18 Post-graduate certificate CESU “Pedagogy for Higher Education” (Aix-Marseille University)
    • 2014 Master in Applied Ecology and Management of Biodiversity (IEGB) (University of Montpellier)
    • 2012 Bachelor in Ecology (University of Montpellier, France)
  • Memberships
    • 2019 YESS (Young Ecosystem Services Specialists) delegate for the 7th IPBES plenary (Paris, May 2019)
    • 2015-2018 Board member of the French Ecological Society (SFE – Société Française d’Ecologie)
    • 2017 Participant of the 12th ALTER-Net summer school “Challenge your knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services” (Peresq, France)
    • 2014 Coordinator in the Career Fair in Ecology 2014 (employment of one month, Salon de l’Ecologie)
    • 2013/14 Assistant project manager: Career Fair in Ecology 2014 (Salon de l’Ecologie)              
    • 2011/14 Secretary then treasurer of the “GNUM” (University association for naturalists)




  • Awards
    • Outstanding reviewer certificate from “Ecosystem Services” (August 2018)
    • Outstanding reviewer certificate from “Marine Pollution Bulletin” (August 2017)
    • Regional finalist of the French contest “My PhD in 180 seconds” - Université Aix-Marseille in 2017 (Oral presentation online on youtube)
    • Winner of poster awards in  ALTER-Net Meeting, Ghent, 2-5 May 2017