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Understanding Landscapes

The Master of Science study programme “Landscape Sciences” aims at understanding landscapes as holistic entities by analysing landscape structures, processes and functions. We apply well-established scientific methods and models in research, teaching and practical resource and land use management as well as environmental protection. One focus is placed on the interplay of atmosphere-vegetation-soil-bedrock, the processes therein and how mankind can contribute to regulate these processes.

This study program is built on the contents and methods of Bachelor of Science study programmes that deal with physical-geographical, ecological and/or geoscientific issues and has a strongly interdisciplinary and practical focus that overcomes traditional scientific boundaries. The programme employs a broad system-theoretical approach that enables students to deepen their knowledge of practice-oriented applications of theoretical frameworks in different scientific fields. Our students learn to use a holistic system-oriented approach in all fields of landscape sciences. They are also schoold in communication and team-playing skills, coordination and other soft skills, assessment capabilities, and presentation and moderation skills.

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