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Field Studies in Europe’s boreal and subarctic regions – Study project in Finland

The practical part of the study project „Landscape System Analysis in Northern Finland“ of the Master Study Programme Landscape Sciences has been completed successfully.

The students were able to try out different landscape-ecological methods to analyse various landscapes in Finland and Norway (photo: Steindal Glacier). They practised fenland drilling, reindeer-pellet-counting and lichen identification, and also technically more complex monitoring methods such as 3D-laser scanning, ground penetrating radar (GPR), RTK GPS and drone-based orthophotography. Existing land uses, the development thereof and their influence on ecosystem services were analysed, and aquatic studies were also conducted.

The collected data will be analysed by the students in the following winter semester 2017/18. Together with Finnish students from our ERASMUS-partner university, the students will write their final reports in English. This field course will be offered and conducted on a regular basis, whereby the long-term development of subarctic surface processes can be observed.