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It’s raining again at the Hurricane Festival

The Hurricane festival takes place at Scheeßel, Lower Saxony this weekend - and it’s raining once again! In the last years, the festival had to deal with several thunderstorms causing lots of damage to and interruptions of the festival. Yesterday, it was windy and rainy again. So is it true that the weather always turns bad towards Hurricane? The researchers at PhyGeo have taken a look at this theory.

Based on the RADOLAN-Climate data of the German Weather Service and the Python package radproc, the number of years with precipitation and the precipitation sum per calendar day in an area of 9 km2 around the festival site were analysed.

The week during which the Hurricane takes place has indeed the highest rainfall frequency – together with the week from 6th to 13th August. Moreover, the 20th June is the day with the most rainfall events. On this day, it rained in 13 out of 16 years.

In order to take the precipitation sum into account, the maximum daily precipitation sum in the nine-cell-area was plotted in a stacked way. The precipitation amount increased from the first half of June until the “Hurricane-Week”, which is the second wettest week of the summer in Scheeßel. Of the ten wettest days, three are within this week. And this does not yet include the very wet Hurricane Festival of 2017.