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IALE-D annual Conference in Hannover

Photo: IALE-D Conference participants (Picture by IUP)

From September 5 – 7, 2018, the annual Conference of the German Section of the International Association for Landscape Ecology IALE-D took place at the LUH, to which approximately 90 scientists from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland had appeared.

The Conference’s theme was "Landscapes in Transition - Understanding, Planning and Realizing" and was organized by the Institute for Environmental Planning (LUH) together with the PhyGeo, the Leibniz Research Center TRUST and the German Chapter of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP-DE). In addition to the Conference organization, PhyGeo staff organized a thematic session (Bastian Steinhoff-Knopp and Benjamin Burkhard) and gave scientific presentations (Claudia Dworczyk, Anne Piechulla, Jennifer Kreklow and Sabine Bicking).


Conference webpage: https://www.iale.de/iale-2018/

Press release of the LUH: https://www.uni-hannover.de/de/universitaet/aktuelles/online-aktuell/details/news/landschaften-im-wandel/

IALE-D: https://www.iale.de/