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Jens Groß and Gerald Kuhnt receive Teaching Awards 2018

Photo: Gerald Kuhnt (front left) and Jens Groß (front right) with other awardees

During the „Day of Teaching“, organised by the Natural Science Faculty, LUH, Dr. Jens Groß and Prof. Dr. Gerald Kuhnt from the Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology and four other colleagues from the fields of chemistry, biology and soil sciences received the Teaching Award 2018 for outstanding achievements in teaching.

Almost 3.000 students from Natural Science Faculty were asked to nominate appropriate candidates and to give a reason for their choice.

Jens Groß from the group of research associates received particularly many votes not only because his courses have a reliably high standard, but also he is committed to helping all students when it comes to solving small or large problems in their study programme.

Gerald Kuhnt from the group of professors received the award in recognition of his ability to convey passion for all subjects in each of his courses and for the wide range of topics and excellent organisation of his excursions

December 12th, 2018