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M. Sc. Paula Mercedes Rendon Cardona

Phone:+49 511 762 4490
Fax:+49 511 762 3984
Address:Schneiderberg 50, 30167 Hannover
Room: 328 (3109)

Research interests

  • Mapping an assessment of ecosystem condition and ecosystem services

  • Natural capital and resilience


Scientific Activities

  • Research assistant at the Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology

  • PhD student at the Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology

  • 2016: Postgraduate Student at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO, Adelaide, Australia


Curriculum vitae

Professional activities:

  • 2015: Internship at the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), Wageningen, The Netherlands

  • 2010-2014: Worked as environmental engineer in the private sector in Colombia



2014-2016: Msc Environmental Sciences emphasis on Environmental Systems Analysis, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Thesis: The role of natural capital to enhance the resilience to drought in the Coorong Lagoons, Lower Lakes and Murray mouth, South Australia.

2005-2010: Bsc. Environmental Engineering, El Bosque University, Bogota, Colombia



2004: Maria Auxiliadora School, Bogota, Colombia