List of Publications Prof. Dr. Benjamin Burkhard

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Dang, K. B., Windhorst, W., Burkhard, B. F., & Müller, F. (2019). A Bayesian Belief Network: Based approach to link ecosystem functions with rice provisioning ecosystem services. Ecological indicators, 100, 30-44.
Dang, K. B., Burkhard, B., Windhorst, W., & Müller, F. (2019). Application of a hybrid neural-fuzzy inference system for mapping crop suitability areas and predicting rice yields. Environmental Modelling and Software, 114, 166-180.
Kreklow, J., Tetzlaff, B., Kuhnt, G., & Burkhard, B. (2019). A rainfall data intercomparison dataset of RADKLIM, RADOLAN, and rain gauge data for Germany. Data, 4(3), Article 118.,
Mastrángelo, M. E., Pérez-Harguindeguy, N., Enrico, L., Bennett, E., Lavorel, S., Cumming, G. S., Abeygunawardane, D., Amarilla, L. D., Burkhard, B. F., Egoh, B. N., Frishkoff, L., Galetto, L., Huber, S., Karp, D. S., Ke, A., Kowaljow, E., Kronenburg-García, A., Locatelli, B., Martín-López, B., ... Zoeller, K. (2019). Key knowledge gaps to achieve global sustainability goals. Nature Sustainability, 2(12), 1115-1121.
Rendon, P., Erhard, M., Maes, J., & Burkhard, B. F. (2019). Analysis of trends in mapping and assessment of ecosystem condition in Europe. Ecosystems and People, 15(1), 156-172.,
Santos-Martín, F., Geneletti, D., & Burkhard, B. (2019). Mapping and assessing ecosystem services: Methods and practical applications. One Ecosystem, 4, Article e35904.
Wangai, P. W., Burkhard, B., & Müller, F. (2019). Quantifying and mapping land use changes and regulating ecosystem service potentials in a data-scarce peri-urban region in Kenya. Ecosystems and People, 15(1), 11-32.


Albert, C., Burkhard, B. F., & Ibendorf, J. (2018). Landschaften im Wandel – Verstehen, planen und realisieren. Tagungsband zur IALE-D-Jahrestagung, 5.-7. September 2018, Leibniz Universität Hannover.
Bicking, S., Burkhard, B., Kruse, M., & Müller, F. (2018). Mapping of nutrient regulating ecosystem service supply and demand on different scales in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. One Ecosystem, 3, Article e22509.
Burkhard, B. (2018). 96 Jahre Verein Jordsand an der Schleimündung. Seevögel : Zeitschrift des Vereins Jordsand zum Schutz der Seevögel und der Natur e.V, 39(3), 11-14.