Foundation Institute of Earth System Sciences

Since the beginning of this year, our Institute has been united with the Institutes of Soil Science, Geobotany, Geology and Mineralogy to form a new Institute of Earth System Sciences. The aim is to intensify the co-operation in the face of urgent challenges posed by global environmental changes such as climate change, land use change, the degradation and loss of biodiversity, ecosystems and their services, as well as a constantly growing demand for resources, which jeopardise the living conditions on our planet and thus the well-being of present and future generations. In the future, we will work together in the new Institute as the Division of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology on the common goals, which also include the creation of a joint Geocampus in the future. This new institute will also be reflected in the form of a new website as soon as possible. As a division, however, we will continue to be visible and accessible for you.