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Measures at the Institute related to the Corona virus

Measures at the Institute related to the Corona virus

Due to the current situation, operations at our Institute can only be maintained to an absolute minimum. The current measures include (in accordance with the instructions of the University President dated March 16, 2020):

- All employees whose presence at the University is not urgently required, are sent to the home office.

- Business trips are strictly prohibited until further notice.

- The ongoing lecture and event operations must be discontinued with immediate effect.

- All planned events (conferences, working meetings, readings, interviews or guided tours) with external guests in the rooms of Leibniz Universität Hannover must be cancelled with immediate effect, internal meetings with more than 5 people are not permitted.


Since there is currently no adequate option to forward phone calls to the outside world, all communication is now carried out via e-mail.

Information especially for students:

- The GIS pool, CIP pool, Aorta and library are now closed.

- Alternative registration procedures for the exams in the summer semester are currently being prepared, we will inform you in good time.

- Currently the lecture of the coming summer semester is scheduled to start at April 20, 2020 (1 week late).

- We will also inform you about upcoming excursions and study projects with field visits as soon as we know more here.

- All further inquiries, please only via email (see above) directly to the relevant employees.

Published by Benjamin Burkhard