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ModBieN-Projekt Stakeholder-Workshop

ModBieN Project Stakeholder Workshop

On 22.03.2023, the stakeholder workshop of the DBU-funded project ModBieN (spatial modelling of pollination services in Lower Saxony for sustainable and regional landscape management) of the Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology took place in Hannover.

In the workshop, which lasted about five hours, ModBien staff members Malte Hinsch, Jens Groß, Natalie Schröder and Benjamin Burkhard met with experts from various local and regional authorities, non-governmental organisations as well as from research and planning in the royal stables of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Besides the presentation of the ModBieN results, the main part of the workshop consisted of interactive exercises and discussions on the applicability of the model results on potential habitat suitability for wild bees as well as on possible measures to improve habitat suitability and their benefits and feasibility.

Due to the broad range of participants, there was a lively exchange about the various possible applications of the model results and their future implementation in practical applications and future research at PhyGeo.

Published by Malte Hinsch