List of Publications Prof. Dr. Benjamin Burkhard

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Busch, M., Burkhard, B. F., Lange, M., Gee, K., & Stelljes, N. (2010). Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms on the Provision of Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being. In Analyzing Coastal and Marine Changes – Offshore Wind Farming as a Case Study –: Zukunft Küste – Coastal Futures Synthesis Report ; LAND-OCEAN INTERACTIONS IN THE COASTAL ZONE (LOICZ) ; Core Project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) (pp. 121-160). (LOICZ Research and Studies; Vol. 36).

Gee, K., & Burkhard, B. (2010). Cultural ecosystem services in the context of offshore wind farming: A case study from the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Ecological complexity, 7(3), 349-358.

Gee, K., & Burkhard, B. (2010). Offshore wind farming on Germany’s north sea coast: Tracing regime shifts across scales. In Resilience and the Cultural Landscape: Understanding and Managing Change in Human-Shaped Environments (pp. 185-202). Cambridge University Press.

Müller, F., Burkhard, B., & Kroll, F. (2010). Resilience, integrity and ecosystem dynamics: Bridging ecosystem theory and management. In J-C. Otto, & R. Dikau (Eds.), Landform - Structure, Evolution, Process Control: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Landform organised by the Research Training Group 437 (pp. 221-242). (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences; Vol. 115).

Vihervaara, P., Kumpula, T., Tanskanen, A., & Burkhard, B. (2010). Ecosystem services-A tool for sustainable management of human-environment systems. Case study Finnish Forest Lapland. Ecological complexity, 7(3), 410-420.


Burkhard, B., Kroll, F., Müller, F., & Windhorst, W. (2009). Landscapes' capacities to provide ecosystem services - A concept for land-cover based assessments. Landscape Online, 15(1), 1-22.

Kannen, A., Ahrendt, K., Bruns, A., Burkhard, B., Diembeck, D., Gee, K., Glaeser, B., Licht-Eggert, K., Michler, T., Meyer-Engelhard, O., Nunneri, C., Stragies, S., & Windhorst, W. (2009). Exploring the Future of Seas and Coasts: Scenarios within the Joint Research Project 'Zukunft Küste - Coastal Futures'. In Integrated Coastal Zone Management (pp. 207-218). Wiley-Blackwell.

Kannen, A., & Burkhard, B. (2009). Integrated assessment of coastal and marine changes using the example of offshore wind farms: The coastal ftures approach. GAIA, 18(3), 229-238.


Burkhard, B., & Müller, F. (2008). Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response. In Encyclopedia of Ecology, Five-Volume Set (pp. 967-970). Elsevier Inc..

Burkhard, B., Müller, F., & Lill, A. (2008). Ecosystem Health Indicators. In Encyclopedia of Ecology, Five-Volume Set (pp. 1132-1138). Elsevier Inc..

Showing entries 131 - 140 out of 145