List of Publications Prof. Dr. Nadja Kabisch

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Zabelskyte, G., Kabisch, N., & Stasiskiene, Z. (2022). Patterns of Urban Green Space Use Applying Social Media Data: A Systematic Literature Review. Land, 11(2), Article 238.


Baró, F., Langemeyer, J., Łaszkiewicz, E., & Kabisch, N. (2021). Editorial to the special issue “Advancing urban ecosystem service implementation and assessment considering different dimensions of environmental justice”. Environmental Science and Policy, 115, 43-46.
Frantzeskaki, N., McPhearson, T., & Kabisch, N. (2021). Urban sustainability science: prospects for innovations through a system’s perspective, relational and transformations’ approaches: This article belongs to Ambio’s 50th Anniversary Collection. Theme: Urbanization. AMBIO, 50(9), 1650-1658.
Kabisch, N., Kraemer, R., Brenck, M. E., Haase, D., Lausch, A., Luttkus, M. L., Mueller, T., Remmler, P., von Döhren, P., Voigtländer, J., & Bumberger, J. (2021). A methodological framework for the assessment of regulating and recreational ecosystem services in urban parks under heat and drought conditions. Ecosystems and People, 17(1), 464-475.
Kabisch, N., Kraemer, R., Masztalerz, O., Hemmerling, J., Püffel, C., & Haase, D. (2021). Impact of summer heat on urban park visitation, perceived health and ecosystem service appreciation. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 60, Article 127058.
Kabisch, N., Püffel, C., Masztalerz, O., Hemmerling, J., & Kraemer, R. (2021). Physiological and psychological effects of visits to different urban green and street environments in older people: A field experiment in a dense inner-city area. Landscape and urban planning, 207, Article 103998.
Kraemer, R., & Kabisch, N. (2021). Parks in context: Advancing citywide spatial quality assessments of urban green spaces using fine-scaled indicators. Ecology and society, 26(2), Article 45.
Marselle, M. R., Hartig, T., Cox, D. T. C., de Bell, S., Knapp, S., Lindley, S., Triguero-Mas, M., Böhning-Gaese, K., Braubach, M., Cook, P. A., de Vries, S., Heintz-Buschart, A., Hofmann, M., Irvine, K. N., Kabisch, N., Kolek, F., Kraemer, R., Markevych, I., Martens, D., ... Bonn, A. (2021). Pathways linking biodiversity to human health: A conceptual framework. Environment international, 150, Article 106420.
Schröter, M., Crouzat, E., Hölting, L., Massenberg, J., Rode, J., Hanisch, M., Kabisch, N., Palliwoda, J., Priess, J. A., Seppelt, R., & Beckmann, M. (2021). Assumptions in ecosystem service assessments: Increasing transparency for conservation. AMBIO, 50(2), 289-300.
Schwarz, N., Haase, A., Haase, D., Kabisch, N., Kabisch, S., Liebelt, V., Rink, D., Strohbach, M. W., Welz, J., & Wolff, M. (2021). How are urban green spaces and residential development related? A synopsis of multi-perspective analyses for Leipzig, Germany. Land, 10(6), Article 630.