List of Publications Prof. Dr. Nadja Kabisch

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Barton, D. N., Gulsrud, N., Kabisch, N., & Randrup, T. B. (2020). Urban open space valuation for policymaking and management. In Urban Open Space Governance and Management (pp. 129-147). Taylor and Francis AS.
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Scheuer, S., Haase, D., Haase, A., Kabisch, N., Wolff, M., Schwarz, N., & Großmann, K. (2020). Combining tacit knowledge elicitation with the SilverKnETs tool and random forests – The example of residential housing choices in Leipzig. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 47(3), 400-416.


Kabisch, N., Selsam, P., Kirsten, T., Lausch, A., & Bumberger, J. (2019). A multi-sensor and multi-temporal remote sensing approach to detect land cover change dynamics in heterogeneous urban landscapes. Ecological indicators, 99, 273-282.
Kabisch, N., Haase, D., & Haase, A. (2019). Reurbanisation: A long-term process or a short-term stage? Population, space and place, 25(8), Article e2266.
Kabisch, N., Alonso, L., Dadvand, P., & van den Bosch, M. (2019). Urban natural environments and motor development in early life. Environmental research, 179, Article 108774.


Feltynowski, M., Kronenberg, J., Bergier, T., Kabisch, N., Łaszkiewicz, E., & Strohbach, M. W. (2018). Challenges of urban green space management in the face of using inadequate data. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 31, 56-66.