List of Publications Prof. Dr. Nadja Kabisch

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Collins, C., Haase, D., Heiland, S., & Kabisch, N. (2022). Urban green space interaction and wellbeing: investigating the experience of international students in Berlin during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 70, [127543].

Dimitrov-Discher, A., Wenzel, J., Kabisch, N., Hemmerling, J., Bunz, M., Schöndorf, J., Walter, H., Veer, I. M., & Adli, M. (2022). Residential green space and air pollution are associated with brain activation in a social-stress paradigm. Scientific reports, 12(1), [10614].

Hansen, R., Buizer, M., Buijs, A., Pauleit, S., Mattijssen, T., Fors, H., van der Jagt, A., Kabisch, N., Cook, M., Delshammar, T., Randrup, T. B., Erlwein, S., Vierikko, K., Nieminen, H., Langemeyer, J., Soson Texereau, C., Luz, A. C., Nastran, M., Olafsson, A. S., ... Konijnendijk, C. (2022). Transformative or piecemeal? Changes in green space planning and governance in eleven European cities. European planning studies.

Kabisch, N., Frantzeskaki, N., & Hansen, R. (2022). Principles for urban nature-based solutions. AMBIO, 51(6), 1388-1401.

Kraemer, R., & Kabisch, N. S. (2022). Parks Under Stress: Air Temperature Regulation of Urban Green Spaces Under Conditions of Drought and Summer Heat. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, [849965].

Kraemer, R., Remmler, P., Bumberger, J., & Kabisch, N. (2022). Running a dense air temperature measurement field campaign at the urban neighbourhood level: Protocol and lessons learned. MethodsX, 9, [101719].

Krämer, R., & Kabisch, N. (2022). Digitale Sensorik für eine Transformation in der Stadt von morgen. gis.Business, 2022(3), 32-43.

McPhearson, T., Cook, E. M., Berbés-Blázquez, M., Cheng, C., Grimm, N. B., Andersson, E., Barbosa, O., Chandler, D. G., Chang, H., Chester, M. V., Childers, D. L., Elser, S. R., Frantzeskaki, N., Grabowski, Z., Groffman, P., Hale, R. L., Iwaniec, D. M., Kabisch, N., Kennedy, C., ... Troxler, T. G. (2022). A social-ecological-technological systems framework for urban ecosystem services. One Earth, 5(5), 505-518.

Schwarz, J., Hemmerling, J., Kabisch, N., Galbusera, L., Heinze, M., von Peter, S., & Wolff, J. (2022). Equal Access to Outreach Mental Health Care? Exploring how the Place of Residence influences the Use of Intensive Home Treatment in a Rural Catchment Area in Germany. BMC Psychiatry, 22(1), [826].

Zabelskyte, G., Kabisch, N., & Stasiskiene, Z. (2022). Patterns of Urban Green Space Use Applying Social Media Data: A Systematic Literature Review. Land, 11(2), [238].

Showing entries 1 - 10 out of 65
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