Publikationsliste Malte Hinsch


Sieber, I. M., Hinsch, M., Gil, A., & Burkhard, B. F. (2023). Modelling water-related ecosystem services with InVEST: developing guidance on how to select appropriate land cover input data. Beitrag in EGU General Assembly 2023, Wien, Österreich.


Sieber, I. M., Hinsch, M., Vergilio, M., Gil, A., & Burkhard, B. F. (2021). Assessing the effects of different land-use/landcover input datasets on modelling and mapping terrestrial ecosystem services - case study terceira island (Azores, Portugal). One Ecosystem, 6, [e69119].


Sieber, I. M., Burkhard, B. F., Santos-Martín, F., Hinsch, M., & Van Beukering, P. (2020). Scientific research on mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services in the EU Overseas: Deliverable 3.1. MOVE project, European Commission Directorate General Environment Grant Agreement no. 07.027735/2018/776517/SUB/ENV.D2.


Tchakouté, H. K., Rüscher, C. H., Hinsch, M., Authority, L. M., Authority, L. M., & Leonelli, C. (2017). Utilization of sodium waterglass from sugar cane bagasse ash as a new alternative hardener for producing metakaolin-based geopolymer cement. Chemie der Erde, 77(2), 257-266.