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Kabisch, N., Haase, D., Elmqvist, T., & McPhearson, T. (2018). Cities Matter: Workspaces in Ecosystem-Service Assessments with Decision-Support Tools in the Context of Urban Systems. BIOSCIENCE, 68(3), 164-166.


Beichler, S. A., Bastian, O., Haase, D., Heiland, S., Kabisch, N., & Müller, F. (2017). Does the ecosystem service concept reach its limits in Urban environments? Landscape Online, 50, 1-21.

Grossmann, K., Kabisch, N., & Kabisch, S. (2017). Understanding the social development of a post-socialist large housing estate: The case of Leipzig-Grünau in eastern Germany in long-term perspective. European Urban and Regional Studies, 24(2), 142-161.

Haase, D., Kabisch, S., Haase, A., Andersson, E., Banzhaf, E., Baró, F., Brenck, M., Fischer, L. K., Frantzeskaki, N., Kabisch, N., Krellenberg, K., Kremer, P., Kronenberg, J., Larondelle, N., Mathey, J., Pauleit, S., Ring, I., Rink, D., Schwarz, N., & Wolff, M. (2017). Greening cities – To be socially inclusive? About the alleged paradox of society and ecology in cities. Habitat international, 64, 41-48.

Kabisch, N., van den Bosch, M., & Lafortezza, R. (2017). The health benefits of nature-based solutions to urbanization challenges for children and the elderly – A systematic review. Environmental research, 159, 362-373.

Raymond, C. M., Frantzeskaki, N., Kabisch, N., Berry, P., Breil, M., Nita, M. R., Geneletti, D., & Calfapietra, C. (2017). A framework for assessing and implementing the co-benefits of nature-based solutions in urban areas. Environmental Science and Policy, 77, 15-24.

Schröter, M., Kraemer, R., Mantel, M., Kabisch, N., Hecker, S., Richter, A., Neumeier, V., & Bonn, A. (2017). Citizen science for assessing ecosystem services: Status, challenges and opportunities. Ecosystem Services, 28, 80-94.


Frantzeskaki, N., Kabisch, N., & McPhearson, T. (2016). Advancing urban environmental governance: Understanding theories, practices and processes shaping urban sustainability and resilience. Environmental Science and Policy, 62, 1-6.

Frantzeskaki, N., & Kabisch, N. (2016). Designing a knowledge co-production operating space for urban environmental governance—Lessons from Rotterdam, Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. Environmental Science and Policy, 62, 90-98.

Kabisch, N., Haase, D., & Van Den Bosch, M. A. (2016). Adding natural areas to social indicators of intra-urban health inequalities among children: A case study from Berlin, Germany. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13(8), [783].

Zeige Ergebnisse 31 - 40 von 65
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